Plant Kingdom Nomenclature Cards
Plant Kingdom Nomenclature Cards
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These fantastic cards are the perfect addition to your botany area!

Interested in charts to go with these cards? Check out our Plant Kingdom Chart!

This PDF file includes:

  • 18 picture cards, 1 for each Plant Kingdom category
  • 18 label cards, 1 for each Plant Kingdom category
  • 18 picture/label cards (control cards), 1 for each category
  • Definitions for all the categories in the Plant Kingdom
  • Instructions for using this material

Categories are: The Plant Kingdom (Kingdom Plantae), Non-vascular (Bryophytes), Vascular (Tracheophytes), Liverworts (Marchantiophyta), Hornworts (Anthocerotophyta), Mosses (Bryophyta), Spore-Producing Plants (Pteridophyte), Seed-Producing Plants (Spermatophytes), Club Mosses (Lycopodiophyta), Horsetails (Equisetophyta), Ferns (Pteridophyta), Non-Flowering Plants (Gymnosperms), Flowering Plants (Angiosperms), Conifers (Pinophyta), Cycads (Cycadophyta), Ginkgo (Ginkgophyta), Monocots (Monocotyledon), and Dicots (Dicotyledon).

Size: Nomenclature cards are approximately 4 x 4 in. with label; slightly smaller without. The cards use all the pictures from the Plant Kingdom Chart, enlarged to show detail.

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