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Parts of a Fruit Nomenclature Cards
Parts of a Fruit Nomenclature Cards
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Children love to study the parts of the fruit with these helpful cards!

While the apple has traditionally been used for this work, the peach is actually a more accurate representation of the layers. If you purchased the apple version from me (either printed, a PDF, or on a CD-ROM) please email me to get the new version for free.

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This PDF file includes:

  • 6 cards for the parts of a fruit
  • 6 labels for the fruit parts
  • 6 picture/label cards (control cards) for the fruit parts
  • Definitions for all the parts
  • Blackline masters for the fruit picture
  • Instructions for making and using this material

Fruit parts are: fruit, endocarp, mesocarp, exocarp, pericarp, and seeds. Size: Nomenclature cards are approximately 3 x 4 ½ in. with label, slightly smaller without.

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