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Geography Impressionistic Chart Set 9-12
Geography Impressionistic Chart Set 9-12
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These gorgeous charts are an updated and corrected version of the old 9-12 Geography Charts, #18 - #60.

Revised with the help of a high school physics teacher, they cover the movements of Earth, the atmosphere, and geographic features using stunning photographs, high-quality graphics, clearly written explanations, and completely updated experiments.

Please note: Children should complete Geography Experiments 6-9 before moving on to this set.

These PDF files include:

  • 43 full-page (8½ x 11 in.), full-color charts covering the geography and geology of Earth (wind, water, weather, geographic formations & more)
  • 32 pages of accurate and updated explanations for the charts
  • 16 science experiments illustrating chart concepts
  • A list of all the charts and experiments
  • A list of materials needed for the experiments
  • Instructions for using the charts and experiments
  • 80 pages of material in all

Charts are:

Chart 18 - The Variations of the Temperature of the Earth’s Surface
Chart 19 - The Position of the Earth in Respect to the Sun
Chart 20 - The Tilt of the Earth and the Resulting Seasons
Chart 21 - The First Day of Each Season
Chart 22 - Distribution of Heat on the Earth
Chart 23 - The Summer Solstice
Chart 24 - The Winter Solstice
Chart 25 - Spring and Autumn—The Equinoxes
Chart 26 - Torrid Zone—Equatorial Climatic Zone
Chart 27 - Frigid Climatic Zones—North Climatic Zone
Chart 28 - Temperate Climatic Zones
Chart 29 - High and Low Pressure
Chart 30 - Wind Currents
Chart 31 - The Coriolis Effect
Chart 32 - Local Winds: Sea Breeze
Chart 33 - Local Winds: Land Breeze
Chart 34 - Winds and Their Directions Due to the Equinox
Chart 35 - Wind and Precipitation during Summer in the Northern Hemisphere
Chart 36 - Wind and Precipitation during Summer in the Southern Hemisphere
Chart 37 - Winds and the Distribution of Precipitation
Chart 38 - Marine Currents—The Cold and Warm Marine Currents
Chart 39 - Marine Currents—Names of Currents
Chart 40 - Erosive Power of the Winds
Chart 41 - How Deserts Form—Rain Shadow
Chart 42 - Rain at the Sea—Local Rain
Chart 43 - Warm Air Rises—Evaporation
Chart 44 - Vapor Condenses—Condensation
Chart 45 - Formation of Rivers
Chart 46 - The Main Rivers of Europe
Chart 47 - All the Rivers of Europe
Chart 48 - The Main Rivers of the World
Chart 49 - The Erosive Work of Water
Chart 50 - The Alluvial Valley
Chart 51 - The Canyon
Chart 52 - The Earth’s Pillar—Erosion
Chart 53 - Ice—Freezing Water
Chart 54 - Thaw—Liquid Water
Chart 55 - Valley Excavated by a Glacier
Chart 56 - After a Glacier—A Moraine
Chart 57 - After a Glacier—Hanging Valley
Chart 58 - The Water Cycle
Chart 59 - Water Storage
Chart 60 - Water and Plants—Types of Vegetation

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