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Botany Impressionistic Charts
Botany Impressionistic Charts
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Stunning photos and updated descriptions make these charts a fantastic way to learn about plant concepts! Includes 45 pages of materials.

These PDF files include:

  • 18 full-page (8˝ x 11 in.) botany charts
  • A description/explanation for each chart
  • Instructions and suggestions for using the charts
  • 28 experiments illustrating the concepts in the charts
  • Concepts include: nitrogen cycle, photosynthesis, the needs of the plant, how seeds travel, the jobs of the root, and more

Charts are:

Chart #1 - Needs of Plant
Chart #2 - Roots Seek Water
Chart #3 - Roots Overcome Every Obstacle
Chart #4 - The Width of the Roots
Chart #5 - The Nitrogen Cycle
Chart #6 - Water Pressure Equalizes
Chart #7 - Transpiration
Chart #8 - Plants Seek the Sun
Chart #9 - The Chemical Laboratory
Chart #10 - How Seeds Travel
Chart #11 - How Plants Are Supported
Chart #12 - Roots: Another Means of Support
Chart #13 - How Plants Defend Themselves
Chart #14 - How Ferns Reproduce
Chart #15 - Insects Love Plants
Chart #16 - Go, My Children
Chart #17 - Roots Hold the Soil
Chart #18 - A Terraced Mountainside

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